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Malachi in summer coat
Malachi a few years ago, while in summer coat.
Our Malachi, like our Tacoma, also has a sad story with a happy ending.

Well, let's see, where to start... Malachi's breeder started the early bonding/bottle-feeding process and, at that time, was breeding and selling pups. She sold him when he was three weeks old. The man continued the process of bottle-feeding and socialization, but didn't really understand what he had, since the other wd's he had had experience with were misrepresented (the classic case).

So, when Malachi started acting like a wolf, he freaked and gave it to a friend who was a bar owner in a rural Nevada town. The bar owner... well, let's just say that if you looked up the definition of a true racist redneck, you'd find his picture. In his care, Malachi was abused horribly and on a regular basis, including being burned with cigarette butts, being kicked, punched & beaten into submission with leather belts, being dragged to the bar to be harrassed by the patrons, being choked while on leads to the point of almost passing out in order to "show him who's boss", and being withheld food/water for days on end... all in order to "see how blue-blooded of a wolf he really is". Oh, and he was never neutered because "he is too blue-blooded of a wolf not to breed".

When the bar owner and his girlfriend moved to another part of town, he lived on a 6-ft. chain for over a year and was fed/watered by someone who cared enough about him to do it, NOT by his owner. Then when the bar owner and his girlfriend broke up, Malachi was given to another true redneck and kept in a 6' x 6' kennel, where he was the victim of severe neglect, living in his own feces and urine. He was fed/watered only when it occurred to the person that he ought to do so, and then only given a few cupfuls of food thrown on the ground and water sloshed into a bucket.

After this person got tired of caring for Malachi, he gave him to a friend of his who also kept him on a chain where he was, again, the victim of severe neglect.

Fortunately, there was a woman who had known Malachi for many years (since she knew the bar owner), who was heartbroken every time she saw Malachi being bounced around from place to place. Previously, she was not in a position to be able to rescue Malachi as she was only renting a small apartment. But, luckily, this last time, she was living in a trailer on five acres she was renting, and was able to take Malachi. While in her care, he was well-taken care of, and she did a great job with him. However, about a year later, she was evicted from the property.

Malachi at an educational presentation
Malachi, while we were doing a presentation at a local library last spring.
This is when we rescued Malachi. One of the first things we did was have him neutered and caught utd on shots and health-checked.

In his eight years of life, we are the sixth and last home that he will be in. It took him no time at all to bond with us. Despite the horrendous treatment he has received, his spirit is not broken. The resiliency of his spirit is truly amazing and inspiring. Despite everything he has been through, he has not lost the ability to bond with and trust people. He is now one of our ambassador animals and LOVES people and attention. He will roll over in full-submission in front of people of all ages, especially children, to receive belly-scratchings, and will give a thorough face-washing to anyone who dares to say hi to him! He loves to take rides in the car and gets SO excited when he knows he is going to go somewhere! Malachi shares his life with a coydog (of all things!) named Pixie, who he took to like a duck takes to water, so his days are no longer lonely.

He is a truly amazing and wonderful ambassador animal whose story illustrates what an "ego animal" truly is, especially at the hands of the bar owner. I fully believe that his early bonding and positive experiences in his first weeks of life helped him to survive his horrors with his spirit intact. It is humbling to think that few animals could survive what he has been through and come out as well. We are indeed blessed to share life with such an animal.

Howls, Donna

Animal Rescue Coalition
E-mail: ( spiritkeepers@sprintmail.com )

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