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I have used my two in private visit visitations to comfort people that are dying from AIDS. For some reason many people that have contacted me turn to the wolf for spiritual comfort. The love that the wolfdogs give them just lights up their day. It is very sad but also very rewarding.

I started with two very dear friends. One was my sister's ex-husband. He just hugged Orion and Cheyenne and cried out his grief to them and for them. He explained to me that he felt that they (wolves) are doomed to a certain death as he was. It is amazing to see how loving and careful they are with people that are on their death beds. Anthony, was so happy the day he spent with the woofers. At that time he could still walk but was very weak.

When we visit, I just ask that there be no other pets in the house. Usually, at this point in their lives, they have already found other homes for their pets. I am trying to figure out why or what the connection to the wolves is that becomes so strong at this time. Since my guys are so loving I usually leave and let them have their hour and when I return I usually find them resting peacefully on the bed.

It is truly amazing how these wonderful companions interact with very ill, dying people. It must be an amazing connection on both sides. Anthony died shortly after our visit and it was very hard on me.

I would like to take it further and visit with children but AIDS is such a private matter that I can only be recommended by word of mouth. I like to think that the last real happy moment in the life of a person is so spiritual for them. Maybe the statement that God is dog spelled backwards has a real meaning. I like to think so.


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