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Note: Some "owners" have chosen to include a reference to percentage of 'wolf' in their animals. The Wolf Dunn does not verify or substantiate the accuracy of those claims.

The Following Contain 5+ Photos per Photo Page

Twoee, ChoctawPaul Ferrari's Brat Pack
Tanana, Loafer, Choctaw, Two Feathers (Twoee). These four wolf-dog crosses are amazing. Two things you'd never guess if you weren't told; which is not a full-wolf, and which are littermate brother and sister. Incredible! (5+ photos).

MokiJudy Gray's Wolfdogs
Raven, Blossom, Blizzard, Moki. In seeing these beautiful youngsters, one word comes to mind: mischief ! What a delight it will be to read of their adventures as they mature (5+ photos).

KestrylMeegan Ehrlich's Wolfdogs
Merlyn, Kestryl, Cyan. Wrestling matches in the kitchen, acrobatics on the sofa... is there nothing these two don't get into ? The way Meegan describes her furry friends, will melt your heart (5 photos).

KonahThe TundraSong Pack
Nakai, Konah, Shikoka, Denali. You've never seen "high contents" before ? Well then, these critters will probably make your head spin ! (5+ photos).

KivalliqThe Dunn Wolfdogs
Kivalliq & pals. For many years we've shared stories/photos of Shea, Shiva and our "old pack" with you. Now, let us introduce the newest member of our family (5 photos).

ZonaKaren and Lynn's Wolfdog
Arizona WahKu Blue. In these pics of 'Zona we can see the evolution from adorable fuzzy puppy howler to gorgeous rapidly maturing youngster. What a delight ! (5 photos).

ContainmentWolfdog Containment Solutions
Photo Guide to Fencing. Containment systems for appropriately housing wolf-dog crosses in large outdoor enclosures. See how it is done.

AkimaLisa Dormandy's Wolfdog
Akima. This adorable little fluffball sure seems to lead a cushy life. Napping on the bed, chewing on her owners pant leg... just who 'owns' who here ?! (5 photos).

Doug, OnyxDoug & Sue Carter's Wolfdogs
Shadow, Onyx, Reno. Playing in the snow, wading in the creek, or just sitting for a nice scritch behind the ear, these wolfdogs seem to have the life of luxury (5+ photos).

ShastaSusan's Wolfdog
Shasta. This long-haired girl seems quite comfy in the house, lounging on the sofa. With all that fur, she seems better suited to cold weather extremes (5 photos).

StrikerVicki Spencer's Wolf Hybrids
Breeze, Banchee, Tracker, Mickey, Striker, Starr, Puff, Hollywood, Sunshine. Quite distinctive, these beautiful bright-eyed critters will blaze a path to your soul and will revisit you in your dreams (5+ photos).

PowderFrank Bendrick's Hybrid Wolf
Powder. Judging by his name, you probably guessed this male wolfdog likes snow. That he does, but it's not the only thing this active, athletic pup likes (5 photos).

TimberSandy Teal's Wolfdog
Timber. This cutie definately gives new meaning to "counter surfing". Kiss that gallon of milk goodbye, Timber has arrived at the breakfast table ! (5+ photos).

Nancy, KateNancy Biggins' Wolfdog
Kate. White as snow, just imagine this female crossing the tundra, barely visible. Kate has a unique friendship with a boy named Alex (5+ photos).

David, Celeste, SolomonDavid & Delene's Wolfdogs
Celeste Lucius, Kenai, Little Joe. Aptly named Celeste Lucius or "star light" this female, her mate Kenai and son Little Joe, are out-of-this-world beautiful (5 photos)

SequoiaKevin & Margaret Leppla's Wolfdogs
Sequoia, Samson, Cheyenne, Chochese, Tristin, Lakota II. Mom, Dad, and 4 siblings have lots of green grass to nibble and squirrels to chase, but most of all they have each other (5+ photos).

Candy KitchenWolves & Wolfdogs of Candy Kitchen
Waya, Zorro, Nayati, Manu, Wambli, Hawk, Isis and many, many more.... Take a photo-tour of Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch, get to know a few of the Ranch's 75+ inhabitants.   (You'll be going to their website, leaving The Wolf Dunn)

Yoshe, MakwaPam Thompson's Wolfdogs
Yoshe, Makwa. Does the image of a "big bad wolf" haunt someone you know ? Then send 'em on over to see these pics. The goofy grinners may inspire a different perception of wolfdogs :-] (5 photos).

AkiahCasa Lobo's Wolfdogs
Angel, Mansi, Amorak, Akiah. Gaze into Akiah's eyes, and you'll never think of wolves the same way again! The beauty of the Burkett family's wolfdogs will amaze you (5 photos).

AkiahAndy & Carol's Wolfdogs
Akiah, Chato, ThunDar, Willia, Stormy, Lytning, Moose, Wiley. Huff and puff and blow the house down... guess who's at the door! (5+ photos).

SavannaJoan Goss' Wolfdog
Savanna. Securely nestled into her new home with her new companions, this beautful girl is maturing nicely and relaxing more as time goes on (5 photos).

Amorak, CommancheBill's Wolfdogs
Commanche, Apache, Amorak. Sometimes running companions - most of the time couch potatoes, these three cuties seem to lead the good life (5 photos).

NoahLone Wolf's Wolfdogs
Maverick, Noah, Coushatta, Shawnee, Chato, Kachina, Deva, Denali, Maya, Tonka, etc.. If you've ever wanted to see what wolfdog pups look like, prepare yourself. These cuties and adult relations will steal your heart (5+ photos).

SaberJuan Echagarrua's Wolfdogs
Lobi, Sabertooth, Logan, Shawnee. Juan was told he couldn't raise a wolf. So he chose to raise a Siberian Husky. But soon thereafter he discovered... wolfdogs! (5+ photos).

OsotaBarry Richenback's Wolfdog
Osota. This beautiful pup came into Barry's life without much prior planning, but all seems to be working out fantastically well (5 photos).

Molly, KaylaSunland Connell Pack
Kayla, Molly. You will not believe your eyes. Just look at who is lounging in the pool! You can almost hear Kayla say, "oh Molly, be a dear and bring me another martini". Hee heee! (5 photos).

Coming SoonCarson's Wolfdogs
Kea, Fang. Although aquired from disreputable sources, mistreated and misrepresented, these youngsters are now in the hands of someone determined to provide them good care (5 photos).

LewnerGinger Lewis' Wolfdogs
Lewner, Little Foot, Yukon, Salem. With a big smile and an aARrrroooohH, Lewner welcomes you to meet his pals (5 photos).

Donald, KodiDonald D. Lewis' Wolfdogs
Keisha, Kodi. Mother and son, these two wolfdogs serve a great purpose in life. They have helped their owner in ways immeasureable (5 photos).

ZackDavid R. Fields' Wolf Hybrids
Zack, Sasha, Montana, Takano, Katrina, Loki. Five beautiful wolfdogs, and their buddy the infamous 'African Zebra Dog'...giggle (5 photos).

CrosscutJody & Val's Wolfdogs
Tiana, Tundra, Timber, Crosscut. 'Owners' everywhere will recognize the pack's posturing... especially the one flipped upside down with tail tucked between legs! (5 photos).

The Following Contain 4 Photos per Photo Page

KicheElizabeth's Wolfdog
Kiche. What could he possibly be up to now ?! This mischievous critter seems to be into everything... (4 photos).

OmenNoreen Scott's Hybrid Wolves
Omen, Chelsea, Porsche. You have to see "The Tropical Omen Pack" for yourself... especially Porsche with "her" cat ! (4 photos).

Cuma, Nanook, DukeJonathan Barrett's Wolfdogs
Cuma, Nanook, Duke. With smiles from ear to ear, these three beauties look like they're having a great time on their trip (4 photos).

ShastaLaurel Riegel's Wolfdog
Shasta. You just want to hug this guy ! (4 photos). Laurel also shares 2 stories, 'The M&M Caper' and 'Little Howler'.

3 Photos Each 2 Photos Each

SheyoTom Beeker's Wolfdogs
Makuya, Sheyo. With a "Prairie Chicken" barrelling through your living room... the Golden Rule of 'ownership' is never moreso clear: To "own" wolfdogs, you must have a good sense of humor (3 photos).

NicodimasRick & Toni's Wolfdogs
Nicodimas, Arioch, Albion. In life, Nicodimas brought his humans immeasureable joy. But in his passing, he helps us all to recognize the danger of "bloat" (3 photos).

ArtemisAnne E. Stone's Wolfdog
Artemis. As Anne's previous wolfdogs have been, this beautiful beloved boy is also a rescue (3 photos).

ZoryTom Webb's Hybrid Wolves
Zoroastra, Amani. Champagne in color, Zory is quite the beauty and Amani is an unusual mix of Irish Wolfhound and Husky (3 photos).

TekaKurt Jensen's Wolfdog
Teka. Sprawled out on a rock in perfect supermodel pose, this beautiful female will catch your eye (3 photos).

ChakotahDavid's Wolfdog
Chakotah. This critter is sure to bring a smile to your face. David describes his gorgeous companion as "a big furry baby"... (3 photos).

NikkiKaren's Wolfdog
Nikki. What a delight it will be to read Karen's stories of mischivous little Nikki as she matures (3 photos).

Nakomi, Timber, MayaKerna and Frode Sveen's Wolfdogs
Nakomi, Timber, Maya.. What a difference early socialization makes. Look-alike littermates aquired at 6 weeks and 6 months of age, seem in personality like night and day (2 photos)

WolfyBrigitte's Wolfdog
Wolfy. You will never guess who is sitting atop this female wolfdog's back! Amazing photos of a mellow woofie (2 photos)

ShamanCody's Wolfdogs
Shaman, Timbermoon. Quite an unusual pair. Shaman with his beautiful facial markings, and Timbermoon a Great Pyrenese mix (2 photos).

Dean, TwosocksDean's Wolfdog
Twosocks. This 'beach bum' wolfdog is truly unique. A good friend dedicated to his human, Twosocks is a highly intelligent, intuitive creature (2 photos).

Roberta, CheyenneRoberta Ashley's Wolfdog
Cheyenne. Awwww, what a sweetheart ! Sacked out... peacefully snoozing with her favorite human (2 photos).

AkiahTerra's Wolfdog
Akiah. Stunningly brilliant eyes and wonderful coat colorations, this young female is a picture of beauty (2 photos).

The Following Contain 1 Photo per Photo Page

Tim, MalakaiTimothy Tornatore's Wolfdog
Malakai. Tim's beautiful girl is such a sweetheart, she even gets along well with the cat (1 photo).

ManituPhil Whittemore's Hybrid Wolf
Manitu. Phil asks a question about Manitu's behavior, perhaps someone with a similar experience can help him (1 photo).

WolvenDawn's Wolfdog
Wolven. A cute youngster, Wolven will soon grow to be a beautiful adult Malamute/wolf mix (1 photo).

MicaSteve & Karen's Wolf Hybrid
Mica. Named after a Native American spiritual figure, Mica seems to have lived up to her 'devious' name (1 photo).

NikitaMelissa Greene's Wolfdog
Nikita. aka Kita Sue introduces herself and shares a bit of what life is like with her companions (1 photo).

Amani - missingMissing Montana Wolfdog
Lost / Stolen from Montana home. Amani is a female wolfdog, with tattoo on inner thigh. If you are involved in wolf-dog or Nordic dog breed rescue in Montana or neighboring states, please see if you recognize Amani !!! (1+ photos)

Smoky - missingMissing Maine Wolfdog
Lost / Stolen from Maine home. Smoky is a male wolfdog, with distinctly bright yellow eyes. If you are involved in wolf-dog or Nordic dog breed rescue in Maine or neighboring states, please see if you recognize Smoky!!! (1 photo)

Shared Experiences & Stories Without Photos

'Timi's Story'
by Michele. "If just one person reads this letter and thinks twice about 'passing off' their wolfdog because of a few problems, if just one person thinks twice about whether or not they can really handle the responsibility of keeping a wolfdog, then Timi's suffering will not have been in vain!"

'Hybrid Wolves Are Much More Than 'Pets'
thoughts by Jeremy T. Setty. "...there are real problems with "puppy mills" breeding these guys for a buck and selling them to whoever has the money..." Read Jeremy's viewpoint on problems with some wolfdog breeders.

'The Wet Cat'
by Karen Morrione. Karen's hybrid wolf, Lucan, has a new chew toy. But this beloved 'chewie', is a cat!

Lupo'Lupo Has Been Found !'
by James Madlin. After being missing in the Mountain Lion and Black Bear country of the Olympic Mountains in Washington state for two weeks, Lupo is back safe with his family (2 photos).

Tucker DOG The Wolf Dog Coalition hosts:
'Tucker's Story' by Ron White. Tucker was "...a dog that didn't have a chance because his owner had no idea of the implications of claiming wolf cross..." Don't let what happened to this DOG happen to your 'pet' by taking this opportunity to learn more about rabies and the wolf-dog cross (1 photo). Note: by clicking here you are leaving The Wolf Dunn.

Wolfdoglist Howl along with other wolf-dog cross 'owners' !
Hybrid Wolf Mailing List aka. Wolfdoglist. More shared experiences and information by 'owners' for 'owners' is awaiting you. You're welcome to join the pack, come howl with us !

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