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Dedicated to sharing information about wolf - dog crosses, the only restrictions placed on subscribers is that you:

*  Stick to discussion concerning hybrid wolves (wolfdogs),

with the exception of:

*  No advertising of animals, services or products for sale,

and abide by the following:

*  Put Your response BEFORE the message you are replying to
*  Subscribe under only one e-mail address (no multiple accounts please)
*  Please no long signature files
*  No attachments/enclosures to messages sent to the List
*  Please disable HTML-coding options before posting, plain-text only
*  Do not forward or re-direct Wolfdoglist posts to non-members or other lists
*  Do not use foul language, no obscenities
*  This is a public list, be careful about posting private information
*  Understand that your message will be read by many other subscribers,
*  Be respectful of other's viewpoints
*  Be respectful of other list member's time
*  Be respectful of others (period).

If you continually show that you cannot respect others, your membership will be suspended or revoked, at the list moderator's discretion. One other reason for bouncing subscribers from the list is when your e-mail box is full, but in this case the option to resubscribe is open.

To subscribe send an e-mail to ( WDLmoderator@inetdesign.com ) with "subscribe" as subject.

If you are currently a member of the Wolfdoglist and you want to unsubscribe, all you've got to do is send an e-mail to the List Moderator account (WDLmoderator@inetdesign.com) with the word "unsubscribe" as subject.

Suggested Reading

Living with Wolfdogs, book
"Living with Wolfdogs; An Everyday
Guide to a Lifetime Companionship"
Nicole Wilde

Wolfdogs A to Z, book
"Wolfdogs A to Z;
Behavior, Training & More"
Nicole Wilde

*   Above Reproach : A Guide for Wolf Hybrid Owners.; Dorothy Prendergrast

*   Wolf Hybrid; D. Prendergast

*   Captive Wild; One Woman's Adventure Living with Wolves; Lois Crisler

*   Don't Shoot the Dog; The New Art of Teaching and Training; Karen Pryor

The Wolf
The Wolf : The Ecology and
Behavior of an Endangered Species

L. David Mech

Dog Language
Dog Language;
An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior

Roger Abrantes

Life With an Arctic Wolf

Marika Lumi Morgan

Mech book
Wolves: Behavior, Ecology
and Conservation

L. David Mech

Wolfdoglist member contributions to our Frequently Asked Questions about wolf-dog crosses include everything from where the 'wolf' comes from, behavioral issues, training techniques, veterinary concerns, responsible breeding practices, containment requirements and more. Visit our Wolfdog FAQ.
Wolfdog Frequently Asked Questions

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