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Wolf related sites Wolfdog and Wolf Vaccine Approval Breeder Registries & Clubs Rescue Facilities

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W  o  l  f   &   W  o  l  f  d  o  g     W  e  b    S  i  t  e  s
Title of the Wolf Related LinkWho/What/Where?Contains Original Info on Wolfdogs?
C  a  n  i  n  e    R  a  b  i  e  s   V  a  c  c  i  n  e   A  p  p  r  o  v  a  l    O  r  g  s.
Wolf Dog Coalitiongrass-roots rabies vaccine approval groupWolfdog & rabies info
W  o  l  f  d  o  g     R  e  g  i  s  t  r  i  e  s    &    C  l  u  b  s
National Wolfdog AllianceMembership-based, clubs/individual enthusiasts welcomeWolfdog information, education, support, coordination and cooperation.
Iowolfer Association, Inc.a non-profit wolf/wolfdog org. and registryWolf & Wolfdog info, org. activities
United States American Wolfdog AssociationUSAWA - wolfdog registryWolfdog info, org. activities
Lupine AWAREnesswolfdog registryInfo on their org's activities
American Tundra Shepherd DogATSD - "wolf-like dog breed"Info on the ATS dog
Florida Lupine AssociationEducational assoc for FloridiansInfo on wolfdogs & group activities
Michigan Friends of the Wolfdogeducation for responsible ownershipInfo on wolfdogs
W  o  l  f    &    W  o  l  f  d  o  g     R  e  s  c  u  e    F  a  c  i  l  i  t  i  e  s
Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch wolf & wolfdog education, rescueInfo, Gift Shop, newsletter
NWA Rescue Listings available wolfdog adoption listingsprivate care or facility adoptions
Wolves Offered Life & Friendshipwolf & wolfdog education, rescueInfo, sponsorhips
Where Wolves Rescuewolf & wolfdog rescueInfo, sponsorhips
WolfSong Ranch Foundationwolf & wolfdog education, rescueInfo, sponsorships
WolfTownwolf & wolfdog rescueeducational seminars
Eagle Tail Mountainwolfdog rescueeducation, adoption, spay/neuter program
Kathy's Rescue Pagewolf & wolfdog rescuereferral and info
Mission:Wolfwolf & hybrid wolf rescue Info on their activities
Wolf Mountain Sanctuarywolf rescue & educational centerInfo, outreach
E  d  u  c  a  t  i  o  n  a  l     O  r  g  a  n  i  z  a  t  i  o  n  s
National Wolfdog AllianceSo important we list this org twice!Wolfdog information, education, support
Wolfdog Education Networkrepresentation at AVMA conferencesupport fair and equal Vet treatment
International Wolf Centereducation for wolf survivalInfo on Hybrids
Wolf Parknon-profit wolf researchTheir position on hybrids & guide
Wolf Song of Alaskanon-profit wolf education No
California Wolf Centerreintroduction, research, educationNo
Wolves-n-Wildlifeeducational wolf presentations No
Wolf Education & Resource Centerformer Sawtooth Pack, now Nez Perce No
North American Wolf Associationnon-profit wolf preservation Their position on hybrids
Defenders of Wildlifewolf protection, restoration No
Wolfology, All About Wolveswolf education, ecology, recovery Some
Minnesota Wolf Allianceprotection of Minnesota's wolves No
W  o  l  f     R  e  s  o  u  r  c  e  s
Wolf Tales ResourcesNon-Internet contact info & addressesclubs, organizations, facilities, publishers
The Searching WolfBill Forbes' contact listingclubs, orgs, facilities, publishers
Nicholas E. FederoffNick's published articleswildlife biologist's abstracts and links
Biblio & Guide to LiteratureMichael Knee's bibliographyguide to wolf literature 1968-1987
W  o  l  f  y     P  r  o  d  u  c  t     V  e  n  d  o  r  s
Candy Kitchen Gift ShopWolf rescue facility gift shopClothing, wolf photo greeting cards
Wolf Ranch OutfittersQuality wolf-themed productsClothing, jewelry, home decor, more
Wolf Tales BookstoreWolf & Wolfdog bookstoreEducational books, videos, calendars, more
Rudelhaus Publishingformer 'Wolf Hybrid Times' magOffers 2 wolfdog educational books
Wolf Moon Designs unique hand spun & woven textiles hand-crafted by a wolf enthusiast
Wolf PacksEquipment for Working DogsDog gear by a former wolfdog owner
"W  o  l  f  y"     P  e  r  s  o  n  a  l    P  a  g  e  s
Wolfdog FAQFrequently Asked Questions Info on wolves and wolf-dog crosses
Cry of the WolvesShadowolf's Den - online book Gordon K. Smith's "Wolves, Man and Truth"
Casa Lobo KennelsBurkett Family's websitePhotos and Info on Wolfdogs
Wolfdog BasicsPam Thompson's SiteGuide, Resource & Info
Wolfdog HomepageKim's SiteGuide, Resource & Info
Wolfdog's ResourceSteve Masuch's SiteGuide, Resource & Info
Wolfdancer Holding CompanyKat's websitePhotos of her Wolfdogs
Shesawolf's PageWolfie's websitephotos and links
Paw's Place Wolfwood RanchMinnesota WolfersPhotos
Wolfen KennelNoreen's websitePhotos of her wolves & wolfdogs
The Loftus Wolf GalleryMace Loftus' PagePhotos and Info on Wolfdogs
Wolf StationMichele Tarvan's sitePhotos of her wolfdogs
Ironwolf's HomepageAndy & Carol's PageAdvice on raising wolfdogs
Keona & palsKen Colling's websitePhotos of his wolfdog
Southern BreezeVicki & Juan's PagePhotos of their wolfdogs
Song of the WolfBonnie's PageLegends, Photos
Mark's Indian DogsMarks' PageInfo, Photos of his Wolfdogs
Silverwolf's PlaceGail Whitford's PageInfo, Photos of her Wolfdogs
Ginger's Exotic WolfCamGinger Holliday's PageLive images
The T's Home PageYvonne Johnson's PagePhotos, stories of her Wolfdogs
WolfGirl's HomepageHeather's PageStory of her Wolfdogs
Harley's Hybrid HomepageDave Davis' PagePhotos, descriptive info
Eddie Candide LupusScott McNeill's PagePhoto of his hybrid
WolfhausNancy Biggins' PageNo
N  o  n  -  U  S    W  o  l  f    &    W  o  l  f  d  o  g    I  n  f  o
Protective Association for the Wolf / WolfdogPAWW (Canada)Info on Wolfdogs, org activities
European Wolfdog AssociationE.W.A.'s websiteinfo, articles of interest
Swedish Wolfdog AssociationVarghybrider i Sverige (Sweden)Swedish-language info, org contacts
Spirit of the CanidaePeter Kellerman's site (Sweden)info, links
Amarok - Wo die Wölfe heulenCarsten Corleis (Germany)(Transl: Where the wolves howl) On the origins of the dog
Wolves.deOliver Matla (Germany)European Wolf information source
Wolf ForumWolf * Loup * Lupo (Switzerland)Articles, information exchange
Alpha-gruppenGlenn André Eriksen (Norway)wolf information source
Wolf Society HomePageJoakim Larsson (Sweden)No
Old Wolf's Wolf PageBill Leckey's Page (Australia)No
S  a  a  r  l  o  o  s    W  o  l  f  h  o  n  d    &   C  z  e  c  h  o  s  l  o  v  a  k  i  a  n   W  o  l  f  d  o  g
Nederlandse Vereniging Van SaarlooswolfhondenDutch Saarloos Wolfdog Society (Netherlands)Saarloos Wolfdog breed history, info, photos
Saarloos WolfdogKirsten Vieweger (Netherlands)Dutch-language info, photos of Saarloos wolfdogs
Å Leve sammen med en Saarloos WolfhundFreddy Rune Lund (Norway)Norwegian-language Saarloos info, photo
Moonchild's Saarloos InfoMark Straver (Netherlands)Saarloos wolfdog history, info, photos
Wolfdog & Wolf-Like Dog Breed ShowcaseCzechoslovakian Wolfdog & Saarloos WolfhondInformation on both breeds, history, photo galleries
Czechoslovakian WolfdogMargo (Germany)Breed info, resources, photos of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs
Amauw & Czech's PageInger Klostergaard (Denmark)Photos of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs
Nancy Seda Eminence's PagePavel Hanuska (Czechoslovakia)Photos of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

And now for something completely different...

Northern Breeds / Sleddogs / Wolf-like Dog Breeds
Wolfdogs are typically mixtures of one or more subspecies of wolf, and compatible breeds of dog. Often, the dog-inheritance stems from the Northern breeds and/or Shepherds. Whether your wolfdog is high, mid or low content you can benefit tremendously from researching and getting to know all aspects of your animal's inheritance. Below is a selection of websites which can help you gain insights to your wolfdog's heritage or general behavioral characteristics. Enjoy.
N  o  r  t  h  e  r  n    D  o  g    B  r  e  e  d  s
SibeColors of the Siberian Husky is an amazing resource for info on these relatively small, intensely energetic, wolfy-looking dogs. Look closely at the different coat colorations and variation in eye color. Sibe-mixes are often mistaken for being wolfdogs (hint: adult wolves do not have blue eyes). Malamute Often mistaken for wolves or wolfdogs, is the Alaskan Malamute. The Alaskan Malamute Club of America emphasizes it is a relatively primitive arctic dog breed bred for function (endurance freighting). Visit Starhawk Alaskan Malamutes for articles on health, genetics and training issues.
S  l  e  d  d  o  g  s    &    M  o  r  e
Greenland DogGrønlandshunden or Greenland Dogs, are a rare and ancient breed. Intelligent, independent, self-pleasing, these dogs often prove too difficult for the casual canine owner to manage. Best suited to life on a team in the Northern extremes, they are truly powerful sledge-hauling working dogs. Canadian EskimoWhile you're investigating northern dogs, check out the fascinating Canadian Eskimo Dog Association's website. Indigenous to Canada's high arctic region, this rare breed faces extinction without dilligent efforts on the part of modern day enthusiasts to ensure that this working breed survives.
AlaskansAlaskan Huskies (aka. "Iditarod Dogs") are a purposely bred combination of native sled dog with Siberian Husky, Pointers, Greyhound, Whippet, etc, so long as it moves efficiently and fast. Read Description & Origin of the Alaskan Husky, and the photo-rich History of the Alaskan Husky. Inuit DogI don't know if Qimmiq or Inuit Sled Dogs are the same as Canadian Eskimo Dogs or if they are a separate primitive working breed. It's possible they are the same, but have suffered a name change (ISD & CED clubs are no help; there seems to be a bizarre battle between them).
H  u  n  t  e  r  s    &    H  e  r  d  e  r  s
Some primitive dog breeds prized for their supurb hunting and herding abilities may seem quite wolfy, but it is in terms of appearances alone. Although all dogs originated from wolves, these breeds were developed according to highly specialized behavioral responses and are behaviorally very different than wolves or more recent wolf-dog crosses. SamoyedBecause of their white coats, Sammies are often confused for 'fuzzy' arctic wolves. As detailed at the Samoyed Club of America's site, they are an ancient working dog breed, known as hunters, protectors and sledge haulers. As companions they are intelligent, independent dogs.
West Siberian LaikaThe various Laika breeds of Russia, include the West Siberian, East Siberian, Karelo-Finnish and Russo-European Laika. These primitive "barkers" were originally developed as versatile hunting dogs. They are wolfy in terms of appearances alone. ElkhoundOften mistaken by coloration for huskies, is the tenacious Norwegian Elkhound. This ancient "Viking Dog" was originally bred for endurance tracking/hunting of large game. The protective nature of Elkies enables them to be used as supurb watch dogs.
W  o  l  f  -  l  i  k  e    D  o  g    B  r  e  e  d  s
White GSDIt's simply not true that anything white and wolfy-looking has "arctic wolf" heritage. Most often so-called arctics turn out to be white or whiteish colored dogs such as White German Shepherds. Other dog breeds and mixes often confused for having arctic wolf heritage are white-colored Huskies, all-white Malamutes, Samoyeds, etc. When mixed with "sleddogs" the German Shepherd dog takes on an even more "wolfy" look. Some GSD-mixes with small well-furred ears are commonly mistaken as wolfdogs, with absolutely no recent wolf heritage involved whatsoever. Learn to recognize the real deal by visiting German Shepherd Dog Club of America website.
ShilohOf the many "wolfy looking" dog breeds in the U.S., dogs produced as a result of these strict breeding programs are not necessarily of 'recent' wolf inheritance, but typically are quite "wolfy" in terms of appearances alone. One such breed is the Shiloh Shepherd, based on but remarkably different than the GSD.
Tundra ShepA developing dog breed based also on German Shepherd heritage is the American Tundra Shepherd. ATS dogs are different than Shilohs in that ATS dogs are specifically bred as a back-cross of the German Shepherd with dogs of more recent wolf heritage, apparently as an experiment to breed better military dogs.
P  r  i  m  i  t  i  v  e    (  P  a  r  i  a  h  )    D  o  g  s
Caanan DogKelef K'naani or Caanan Dog is rooted in the ancient pariah dogs of Israel, and can still be found in the wild. Historically used by the Bedouin as a guardian of sheep and camps, it has been developed for its territorial qualities as a military working breed. Carolina DogFew remaining wild populations of primitive Carolina Dogs still inhabit isolated parts of rural Southeastern US. These ancient pariahs face extinction due to human encroachment and dilution of the genepool without protection.
New Guinea Singing DogDescribed by their location of origin and unique vocalizations, the New Guinea Singing Dog has only been studied in captivity. An elusive remnant from the Stone Ages, now precious few pureblooded individuals remain in the wild. DingoAustralian Dingos arrived in Australia around 5,000 years ago and are thought by many to be "the last ancient living link between the wolf and the hundreds of manmade breeds of dogs". Protection is needed for their survival.

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