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Kate up close

This is Kate, a high % hybrid Arctic wolf at 10-12 months old.

Her eyes are white to transparent except in some light they are vaguely yellowish-- Since these photos were taken, my Kate is half again as big as the pictures you here. She is taller and longer than my 150# German Shepard, but she is rangy...not much meat.

Kate who sits-on-the-mom

This photo of Kate the 'vicious animal' who "sits-on-the-mom" (which could be Nancy's Native American name), was taken at around the time of Kate's first Birthday.

She butts her head tight into my belly and sits on me for much longer at a time just inside the kitchen from the pocket door are two concrete blocks I sit on to be sat upon... she backs up and sits and then turns around to grab my hand in her mouth and we commune...

Kate This is Kate at approximately 10 months old, in shorthair phase.

When I got my Kate the vet told me again, to pour everything into that first 18 months bone growth. This is no time to save money or stunt the growth...

Having grown up in a doctor's family and in a teaching lab when I was a kid, the whole thing makes good sense to me. Put your money into preventive medicine, but pain medicine at the other end...

Kate I do not have any pictures of her in her heavy coat when she is pretty--but she always has the erectile strip down the back that she can hackle up together with a horrendous ruff around the neck. When she molts the first time in the hot weather, she appears to have lost at least 30 #. The first year this happened I weighed her to double check appearances and she had probably lost 5 pounds, but the diminution of girth is truly startling.

Kate's Friend
Alright, I hear you - I hear you sayin' "Aaaaaw, how cute". This adorable ball of fluff is Kate when she was just a little pup.

The handsome fella holding the pup is Alex, Kate and Nancy's good friend.

Kate's Friend

Alex gets a kissie from the white puff-ball. Kate was only 10 weeks old when she and Alex met, but it was love at first sight.

Kate's Friend

Alex invited Kate and Nancy to join him at his school's Show 'n Tell day. As you can see in this photo, the visit was a success. The kids had the opportunity to learn more about Kate and wolves in general, and Kate had a blast learning all about kids.

Kate's Friend

"Actually, I am extremely careful with Kate and with children... Kate is now soooooo big and sooooooo exuberant she could knock a kid down or tip one over with the slightest move - no intention of harm. She 'jumps' me; I learned early when I see her body tense to spring, to jump straight up and throw my arms straight up so that I am jumping 'as tall' as she jumps.

I only permit kate to be around children who I believe to be well trained and realistic and with adults who I believe to have their heads on straight.

Kate is 'owned' by Nancy Biggins. Contact ( ) with 'Kate' as subject.

Visit Nancy's web page, Wolfhaus and learn more about her and her love of wolves. Also, she's got a beautiful painting of an Arctic Wolf which looks just like Kate on her webpage.

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