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Lupo sleeping safe at home Not too long ago, The Wolf Dunn recieved an e-mail from James, asking for advice on finding his missing wolfdog, Lupo. Great news... Lupo has been found! You can read this incredible story below, followed by the first 'help' message James sent.

Lupo Has Been Found!

With this story comes a happy ending to a nail-biting, no sleep, needle in a haystack, milage from hell, adventure into the life of "Lupo and the Olympic Mountains" !

Lupo was found 9/3/95 at approx. 2:00 - 2:30 pm in the Lake Melborne area by Lake Cushman. Shannon and I headed up to the mountains again on Friday, 9/1/95 set to stay the duration until we found him. We talked to hoards of people once we arrived up there and updated all of our flyers along the way. We setup camp 1/2 mile from where he was last spotted 8/27/95, and set out worn clothes from both Shannon and myself, along with a bunch of the 1-gallon plastic milk containers that he likes to use as chew toys in the backyard.

We traveled the powerlines saturday with little luck. We dropped down to some other campsites only to find no sightings of Lupo, but three sightings of mountain lions. This didn't make Shannon's or my freyed nerves fell any better.

Saturday night we stayed stationary @ the camp and did some howling along with playing the "Jazz Wolf" tape that Lupo was familiar with...but not so much as a sound in the woods.

Sunday we woke up and by now, Shannon is feeling pretty paniced, tired, confused, and p'ed off at everything. I was getting the bike ready to check out some other areas up the mountain and when I turned around, Shannon was gone. I checked the tent but to my surprise, it was empty. I figured that she had gone off looking aimlessly down one of the trails with tears running from her eyes.

I decided that it would be better if I just went out and started pounding the road and give Shannon her space to vent. I went across the road and found a trail that headed for the river so I decided to check it out. Meanwhile, I found out later that Shannon went into the woods to talk with the "BIG Guy" upstairs. She didn't ask to find him, merely a clue or a sign of some sort to see if we were even in the right area.

When she came out of the woods, she went to grab her photo's of Lupo which she had left in the truck in the cubby above the ashtray. As soon as she grabbed the photo's, she felt my beeper, which was sitting ontop the photo's, go off. She jumped back for a second then figured nobody would be beeping us unless someone had some news. She heard me comming out of the woods which had dead-ended about three miles up, and as I came out of the woods, I was going to head to the next access road further down. All of a sudden, I heard this skin curdling scream from our camp area, so I looked over and it was Shannon trying to waive me down.

I headed over to the camp and she told me the beeper had gone off and she was so nervous that she didn't want to check who it was in fear of loosing the number by accident. We checked it together and found that it was my folks back in town. Before we left town, we redirected our calls to their house in case any calls came in about Lupo. We about pee'ed ourselves with anticipation of getting to a phone for a possible new lead. We couldn't even think straight...(which is why we drove all the way down the mountain to a pay phone...when all along, I had a cellular phone in the truck!!!).

We made the call back to Bremerton and found that two groups of people had spotted Lupo by the boat ramp @ Lake Melborne, where his journey had originated, @ 10:00 am Sunday morning. We bolted the 5+ miles though the mountain fireroads to reach the boatramp. We drove down to the launch and we saw a husky W/H come around the truck. Shannon's color went out of her entire face, because she thought that we had come so close, only to find out it wasn't Lupo. We got out of the truck, and no sooner that we stood on ground and could see over the front of the persons truck, we saw the big red plume of Lupo's tail. It WAS him.

He looked great...alittle lighter than the two weeks prior, but not so much as a pitch stain on him. He was ellated to see us, but a little on the skiddish side. The Royce family, Jim and his two young daughters, had come up to camp for the weekend and they had brought their W/H up with them. Once their's started howling, that drew Lupo near their camp.

He hung around the camp for awhile, but finally his playfulness got the better of him and he came into camp to play with the other wolf. With alittle time and alot of young energy, the two daughters where able to get a rope on him. We had a big celebration, took photos, exchanged addresses and #'s, and let Lupo and his new buddy play. We are ever indebted to the Royce family along with the other party that actually made the call to my folks house.

This truely was a fairlytale ending. My heart and my prayers go out to everyone on the internet. The support, the idea's, the comments, and the positive attitudes where all overwhelming. It helped both of us, especially Shannon, who was at her wits end. We learned so much in the short time that this has all transpired, but we will carry it all through the rest of our life.

Lupo in a meadow The first half of this incredible story, "James and Lupo Need Your Help" was originally to the Hybrid Wolf Mailing List aka. Wolfdoglist asking for help. His message is as follows:

My names is James Madlin, but go by "JD". Two and a half years ago, I purchased a wolf from a friend, to give to my fiance' for Valentines day.

His name is Lupo, (Italian for wolf), he weighs about 140 lbs. and he's quite a character. I do have a problem though...last week, 8/21/95, a friend of Shannon's, (my fiance') took Lupo up to the Olympic Mountains in Washington state. Usually Lupo only goes up there with his dad, Unalaska, but on this trip he did not.

Shannon let the neighbors take Lupo and thier dog, Amy, and thats when things went wrong. When they got to the mountains...They let the two out to run infront of the truck, but since Lupo wasn't with his dad, he looked at them all, then bolted. Bob could not round up Lupo, so the jerk just left him up there. I couldn't believe it!!!

Anyway, this area is about 1 1/2 hours from my house and I've been up there everyday since this has happened, looking for him. I took time off work thru the weekday and spend the weekends up there. I've got approx. 400 flyers up and posted and have recieved afew calls. The last spotting was on 8/27/95 @ 3:00pm, 3 mi in on Fireroad 25, by the Hamma Hamma Campground. The ranger seen the flyer and called him by name, but could only get within 10 feet of him. He paged me and I came back up but could no spot him. I feel there is only 4 possible people that will be able to get him.

I'm going back up this weekend, 9/1/95 with a dirt bike so that I can cover more ground...alot of black bear in our area... I'm afraid for him. I have no clue how to track him, where he's heading, or what to do. I know that in six days, he had traveled about 5 miles.

I need help!!!!!!! Anyone that can give me any input on what he will instictively do, how he moves, or how to track him... Please help me. I just picked up a howling tape that I am going to play up there. I don't know whether to play it stationary at one spot, or play it while I travel. All I know is that I am lost without him, and I'm sure he is feeling lost himself. Please respond soon.

James can be e-mailed direct at ( be sure to put the word 'wolfdog' in the subject field.

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