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'The Wet Cat' by Karen Morrione

We have a year old male wolf hybrid, named Lucan. He is one quarter timberwolf, one quarter artic wolf, one quarter husky, and one quarter malamute.
He is beautiful, tan with black markings like a german shepherd,though we don't know of any shepherd in his makeup. We are interested in communicating with/meeting other hybrid owners.

Lucan is a year old now, and we have all learned alot about each other in that time. When we got Luke, we already had a black lab named Beowulf, and three cats. Beowulf is much older than Luke, and doesn't like to play with him much. Luke plays too rough. But one of the cats, Heather, loves Lucan very much and is always willing to be his chew toy.

People are amazed and amused at the delicacy with which this huge, strange, feral looking dog will engulf the cat's whole head in his mouth. She sleeps curled up with him, when he has finally given up on the idea of climbing into our bed with us. They eat out of the same dish. Lucan cannot understand why our other two cats don't want to play, too. They have learned to betolerant of him, but only when they have to be.

As for Heather, she is always slightly damp with wolf saliva. However, she and Lucan are both very happy. And we have finally accepted this strange love affair as just another facet of living with a wolf hybrid.

If you have any experience with wolfdog/cat relationships or want to know more about Lucan and Heather, Karen would like to hear from you.E-mail the author herself at ( with the word 'wolfdog' in the subject field.

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