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Powder overlooking teh scenery
A most recent picture of Powder. He is a 65% Timber/Tundra mix with 15% Shepard and 20% Malamute.

I take him on trips with me as you can see in these photos. He is very much an explorer.

I never keep him chained at night and he's always there in the morning trying to open my tent and get me up.

Powder in the back of the pickup Powder's personality can best be described as very playful, non aggresssive and extremely submissive with other dogs until they accept him. Powder is very good with small kids and is as mentioned very submissive towards other dogs until he gains their acceptance.

Although, Powder has destroyed two pairs of boots, and actually eats play toys. Likes to pick up oak logs and carry them around. Has just recently "ate" a chair cushion of mine. Looked like someone had run the cushion through a food processor - Oh well!


This is a photo of Powder when he was much younger, just out of playing in the peat and mud. If he didn't like snow so much I might of named him "Mud". He's non stop through most of the day and espically the night.


The little guy! Powders father Chance and mother left - Lakota. Apprx. 1 month.


Two worn out animals after a long hike I took while about 10K up.

Powder is "owned" by Frank Bendrick. To learn more about Powder and his escapades, contact Frank at ( ) with 'Powder' as subject.

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