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Zack Zack sure loved his comfort. As you can see in this photo he loved to sleep on my bed, and especially loved to be human by sleeping with his head on my pillows. This photo is of him when we were still bachelors, just before I got married. What was really interesting is when I would go to bed and ask him to move over so I can get under the covers. Talk about one upset wolf hybrid! He would get up, jump off the bed and stomp away obviously mad! Even more so if he was up on the bed cuddling with my wife Sherry - if I told him to move or get down - oh boy, one irate Zack! :-)"

Sasha Here is my gorgeous little girl Sasha. My wife and I stumbled into her the day after Takano and Montana were born. I couldn't walk away from not buying her. It seems as though fate is very strong in Sherry's and I lives. Sasha is a direct cousin to Takano and Montana. (I know how confusing these family histories must be!) I mentioned that Takano and Montana's father is Niko. Well, Niko has a brother named Dakota, and Dakota is the father of Sasha. So, I am triple blessed with having Sasha, as she too has Zack's blood. And what is so eerie, is that looking at my photos of Zack as a pup, he looks very much like Sasha. Even to the white tip on her tail. She is such a sweetheart, very very smart, well coordinated, and a ball of fire! She is eight weeks old in this picture with Montana. I hope to get better pictures of her as time goes on.


This handsome pup is Montana, brother of Takano, son of Niko who is Zack's half brother.
If you can't follow all this, there's one thing you surely can appreciate - Montana's beauty.


My wonderful Takano. Takano and Montana are brothers, litter mates, born on November 10 of this fall. They are three weeks old in these photos. Sherry and I are bottle feeding them, which is a wonderful experience. The blessing of these two guys is that I stumbled into the breeder that I got these two from by fate. The double blessing is that Takano and Montana's father is Niko, a half brother of my Zack. Zack and Niko have the same father, Jock, (pronounced Jacque - don't ask me why the owner spelled it that way) :-) but both have a different mother, thus half brothers. I am so excited that Takano and Montana have Zack's blood in them. I will keep you all updated on their progress.

Zebra Dog Loki & Zack My zebra-dog Loki with Zack. The photos speak for themselves. I befriended an unknown tribe in a remote area in south-east Africa seven years ago. The tribe gave me Loki as a gift, and my life has never been the same again. I don't know of any zebra-dogs in North America, so Loki is quite the crowd attractor! :) :)

So, what is a Zebra-Dog???

I just wanted to let all of you know that my zebra-dog Loki is NOT a real zebra-dog.
He is a yellow lab with black stripes painted on him with a black magic marker. (I should be an artist and get away from psychology) I have had a few remarks about him and further inquiries about what kind of species he is, and how he got those black I will dispel the myth and let everyone know the real story.
I paint him up like this for special occasions. The picture [above] was done about 3 years ago for Xmas (strange, there is no snow on the ground in that picture -- nothing different from this year in Montana - RAIN rain and more rain, only had two snow packs but they melted, in the valleys that is).

Anyhow, don't worry if you got fooled, I have had several people here in town freak out when I took Loki and Zack downtown on their leashes to get some coffee beans at butterfly herbs, over half of the people who asked me what kind of dog he was, believed me when I told them the story and background of the zebra dog. It was fun, my grandfather was the greatest tease, and I take after him! :-)

Zack Zack is no longer with me, but boy oh boy what a wonderful companion he was. I got him in May of 1990. What a wonderful gift he has turned out to be. If any of you subscribe to the Wolf Hybrid Times, I wrote a tribute to Zack entitled "Memories of Zack" that was printed in the December of 1995 issue that was just mailed out. Zack was only five years old when he was killed in a nightmare of an accident.

He was hit and killed by a truck September 1, 1995. My wife and I grieve his loss. Zack was by far the most beautiful, intense, intelligent, warm, loving and a hundred other adjectives. He was the best. He was reported as being 50% timberwolf, 50% malamute by the breeder I bought him from, but after getting involved with hybrids, I would feel it safe to say Zack was more likely to have been 60 to 70% timberwolf. But I just say he was a half breed. :-) Zack had a streak where he loved my couch cushions, then a cardboard fetish, and a few other things. But once he hit 2 1/2 years old, he really mellowed out. He and I bonded from day one, and the more we bonded, the more he wanted to make me happy, which meant he didn't destroy things, all the while becoming one incredible companion. From three years old to his death, he never chewed anything up, nor dug, or destroyed anything. Quite a remarkable guy that Zack was.

In those five years I experienced countless times that proved to be incredible with my Zack. His 'brother' Loki, the infamous Zebra-Dog, and Zack got along incredibly well. Though Zack got quite rambunctious with Loki at times, Loki not once bit, nor snapped at Zack. I do have one incredible picture though, that shows the zebra-dog "lifting his lips" at Zack, when Zack was trying to scam Loki's chew bone from him. Quite a picture. Zack sure loved people, and most definitely loved his brother, Loki. Loki has had problems with his back hips in the last year, and when his arthritis really flared up last year, (Loki just turned 13) Zack was there for Loki. Loki has a calcium ring around his spine, back where his back hips join the spine. At times that calcium ring would pinch a nerve or nerves, causing Loki horrible pain in one or two of his back legs. Loki would start to yipe and cry, while his leg would go into a spazm. If my wife Sherry or I did not hear Loki crying out in pain, usually because we were upstairs, Zack would come upstairs and get us to help massage Loki's leg. After we got Loki on prednazone, Loki has to go to the bathroom more often. Some mornings, when Loki was a bit stiff and could not get upstairs to let us know he had to go outside, Zack came upstairs to let us know that Loki needed to go out to go to the bathroom.

Zack had so many wonderful qualities to him. He was so loving, warm, compassionate. He loved life to its fullest. He loved going into town with me and loved riding in the back of the truck. He would stick his head out the window of the shell of my truck, and take in all of those wonderful smells in the air. At 70 mph it was quite a riot to see his lips catch in the wind and start flapping up and down quickly.

One of Zack's biggest fetishes was marshmellows. Yes marshmellows! My wife Sherry discovered this one night when Zack was showing a keen interest in what she was eating. Sherry gave him one, and he laid down and started to "gum" it. He was quite the site to watch eating one. He would take it in to his mouth and slowly bite down on it, spit it out, then take it back in and gum it awhile. It usually took him about 3 or 4 minutes to eat one marshmellow. He also loved chocolate. We discovered this after a trip to Baskin Robbins. I had a double scoop of chocolate that Zack just went nuts over. Ever since that first trip to get ice cream, he would suck up to me and treat me like a long lost friend he hadn't seen in 30 years trying to butter me up to let him have a few licks off of my ice cream cone.

My Zack was the best. That may sound biased, which it is, but I strongly feel that way. I miss him so much. He had so much love for me, my wife, for Loki, and for most people whose lives crossed his path. I miss looking into those beautiful eyes of his, and holding a conversation without having to speak. I miss hugging him, having him at the door greeting me as I came home, hearing him howl ever so beautifully as the train would go by, blowing its air horn. I have hundreds of beautiful memories of my Zack, and I will cherish those forever. I love you Zack, and we all sure do miss you.

Sherry and I have a new addition to the family. Katrina is her name. She is Sasha's sister. The breeder we got Sasha from had not sold any of her other pups (way too high of a price for this area) so we offered her a small sum to give her a good home. She is here with Sasha, Takano, Montana, and Loki a.k.a. Zebra-Dog. Yep, you counted right, 4 wolf hybrids, and one yellow lab/sometime zebra-dog. I know my Zack is right there in spirit right along with all of our beautiful, wonderful family.

Sasha really takes me aback at times, she looks exactly as Zack did as a pup, except for the patches around her eyes. She is a feisty little girl, and they say pups wont show their alpha or beta personalities until they hit their sexual prime, so either Sasha is hitting her sexual prime (at 9 1/2 weeks, YEAH!) :-) or she is gonna be one bad arsed girl! :-)

Takano is so neat, his personality is coming out more and more each day. What a cocky little dude he is! He loves to walk across the floor looking like God's gift to the world. And looks very much like a weight lifter strutting his stuff as he walks along the beach on Venice beach down in southern california. Montana is a scrappy little dude himself. He is a bit more affectionate, but Takano and I had some great moments earlier tonight too. They sure have changed in appearance since 10 days ago!

Zack, Montana, Takano, Sasha, Katrina and Loki are all "owned" by David R. Fields. To contact him, e-mail ( ) with 'Zack' as subject.

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