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E-Commerce Excellence

First Security Capital
First Security Capital (FSC) is a leader in innovative financial products, including non-recourse loans against securities, at 90% of current market value.

Online Marketing: CyberWave Media
Jonathan Mizel is one of the leading online marketing experts. In this Web site, you will discover everything you need to begin marketing your products and services online and on the Internet.

Adhesion Dentistry
Adhesion Dentistry - Dr. Raymond Bertolotti, International Seminars, is an internationally known provider of continuing dental education. Dr. Bertolotti is most known for introducing the concepts of 'total etch' and tin plating of gold for the purpose of adhesion of dental surfaces.

The Cybrary
What can you say about one of the most famous educational sites on the Web? Since 1995, Cybrary of the Holocaust has received numerous awards from CNET, Wired, NetGuide, the L.A. Times, as well as generating a million hits. Visit one of the futures of online education and imagine what these lessons can do for your business.

ABC/PBS Present
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Inetdesign was selected to create this site for the premiere of a documentary by ABC and PBS. Along with creating the site, Inetdesign linked ABC to a writer who created the lesson plan within one week for this program.

Web Success Letter
This is the sister Web Site to Inetdesign, home of innovative training programs for people creating and marketing their Web Sites, as well as sales training for the ISP's, developers, and companies creating this online marketplace

Consultations Web Success Ring

Marlon Sanders is the finest copyrwriter I have ever met. One hour of his time has easily generated me $10,000 in immediate results. I call few people "genius", but if the label fits, wear it. Marlon wears it well.

Gene Ramos heads this Florida Commerce Service Provider (CSP), providing just the right mixture of direct marketing know how and online savvy. I have worked closely with Gene on a number of projects, look for more.

AdNet International
Patrick Anderson and Michael Henderson are two of my peers, and inspirations. I use their ActiveEdit system for easy, automatic updating of Web Sites.

Community and Clients
Web Design Stresscure & The Health Resource Network
Featuring the expertise of Dr. Mort Orman, learn more about how you can lead a stress-free life, and take the Internet Addiction Survey.

Web Design The Wolf Dunn (wolf hybrid / wolf-dog cross info)
Online resource for information on Hybrid Wolves / Wolfdogs. Created to help "owners" meet others who share their lives with these magnificent creatures. Rated Top 5% of All Web Sites by Lycos - Point Communications, and recipient of numerous print-awards. A truly unique site.

Web Design Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch
Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch is a non-profit organization providing safe sanctuary to abused and abandoned captive-bred wolves and wolfdogs. With focus on education, ecology and the environment, responsible ownership of wolf dogs and the humane care of all animals, companion or otherwise.

Web Design Wolf Dog Coalition
A cooperative effort, this is nationwide grass-roots political activism at its best. By bringing together "people who care about wolves and dogs in order to fight for approval of canine rabies vaccines on a political level," the Wolf Dog Coalition proposes a plan of action for YOU to get involved in the fight to save YOUR 'pet'.

Web Design RAFT, Inc.
Fighting for approval of the use of current rabies vaccines on wolves and wolfdogs, the Rabies Vaccine Approval Finding Team presents excellent information on the immediate need for usage approval.

Web Design Telecare Long Distance Network
A telephone company dedicated to protecting you from being ripped off by the Big Three (ATT, MCI, and Sprint) by charging only 14.5 cents a minute, all day, everyday in the continental United States.

Web Design Wolf Tales Bookstore
Selling wolf-related books, wolfdog resources, children's stories, and videos, in association with Amazon.com.

Web Design Abe's Story
Working with Longstreet Press and the editor, Joey Korn, we've created a site that promotes a book sold nationwide and enables us to remember Joey's father, Abe, and other survivors of the Holocaust.

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