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Wolf Dog Coalition - May 7, 1997 Congressman Wolf letter to USDA Administrator Medley

May 7, 1997

Mr. Terry L. Medley, Administrator
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
Jamie Whitten Building, Room 312E\
Washington, DC 20250-3401

Dear Mr. Medley:

I am writing you in reply to the Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) letter to Mr. Ted Cartwright, of my congressional staff. As you are aware, Mr. Cartwright participated in a meeting with APHIS and other interested parties on vaccination of wolf-hybrids. In that meeting, my office asked that APHIS clarify its requirements for the vaccination of wolf-hybrids against rabies.

My staff has had an opportunity to examine that letter and the requested information. I appreciate the effort that APHIS has made to provide my office with this information. However, after speaking with several scientists, it is felt that the guidelines you specified in your letter are vague and unclear. There are two issues that I would appreciate further information. First, I would like to request a copy of your regulations on the procedure for vaccination of challenge test animals. Secondly, I would request the data your statisticians used to arrive at 1,500 animals. Mr. Cartwright informed me that before leaving the meeting, they discussed that only 400-800 individuals would be necessary to prove the effectiveness of a vaccine.

One issue raised in your letter continues to mystify my office. Why, in a challenge test for rabies would you need information on Bordetella, Corona, Distemper, Parvo, and Hepatitis? I am concerned that this action could negatively affect any attempt to create a legitimate vaccine for wolf hybrids. I hope this is not the case and APHIS and private interest will be able to come to a mutual agreement.

Since the information should be readily available, I would appreciate if your office could send me this information by the end of next week. Several organizations have expressed interest in this matter and they will appreciate a timely response. Please address your correspondence to the attention: Ted Cartwright.

  Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter

  With best wishes, I am


  Frank R. Wolf
  Member of Congress

Copy of original signed letter is available upon request.
Contact The Wolf Dog Coalition ( psykowuf@erols.com ).

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