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Wolf Dog Coalition - Feb. 13, 1998 USDA Chief Staff Veterinarian Miller letter to Wolf Dog Coalition

February 13, 1998

Ms. Diana Bendit
Mr. Gene Sydnor
20025 Broad Run Drive
Sterling, VA 20165

Dear Ms. Bendit and Mr. Sydnor:

This is to confirm our telephone discussion on February 12, 1998. I want to confirm that my agency is still committed to work through Congressman Wolf's office as a point of contact on the issue of approving vaccines licensed for dog in wolves and wolf-dog hybrids. It is still my understanding that you are to be the source of providing information to the Congressman's office.

I will work with anyone who is interested in this project, but will reconfirm that data intended to be used in this matter should be directed to you for preparation and submission to the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service.


/s/ Robert B. Miller

Robert B. Miller
Chief Staff Veterinarian
Licensing and Policy Development

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