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Wolf Dog Coalition - USDA's Press Release Announcing April 4, 1996 Meeting

Meeting Announcement

March 28, 1996

The Animal and Plant Heath Inspection Service (APHIS) will hold a meeting on April 4, 1996, to discuss the similarities and differences between wolves, dogs,and their hybrids in relation to vaccination against rabies. This meeting will beginat 9 a.m. in the APHIS Conference Center at the USDA Center at Riverside,4700 River Road, Riverdale, Maryland.

Regulations establishing standards for the licensing of Rabies Vaccine requirethat the vaccine be tested in each species for which it is recommended. Within the past few years the classification of domesticated dogs as a subspecies of thewolf (Canis lupus) has been the source of confusion. The increasing popularity of wolves and wolf dog hybrids as owned animals for which no Rabies Vaccine is recommended has created a need to resolve the question of whether a vaccine tested in dogs can be expected to protect wolves and hybrids.

The APHIS meeting will bring together scientists from various disciplines to discuss this matter. In addition, speakers are being asked to address the possible differences and similarities of rabies pathogeneses in the three classes of canid. The public is invited to attend the meeting and to ask questions to clarify what the speakers havepresented. No issues regarding recommendations on the vaccine will be resolved at the meeting.

For further information you may contact
Dr. Robert B. Miller, Chief Staff Veterinarian,
at 4700 River Road, Unit 148, Riverdale, Maryland 20737 or calling at Area Code (301) 734-5863.

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