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The Wolf Dog Coalition submitted all wolf and wolf dog vaccination records we had acquired to the USDA in November of 1998. We were informed in January of 1999 that the USDA considered the data significant and sufficient to allow them to make a decision about vaccine approval for wolves and wolf dog crosses. In February, after a thorough analysis, USDA made the determination that all vaccines currently approved for dogs should also be approved for wolves and wolf dog crosses.

The mechanism by which wolves and wolf dogs would gain vaccine approval was with an amendment to Title 9 Code of Federal Regulations. The amendment, in essence, declared that all vaccines are approved for any member of the species Canis lupus.

The amendment had been publically posted with a Request for Comment (RFC) for a 30 day period and we urged you to make yourself heard.

Below are URLs which will take you to relevant websites for more information on those proposed changes (Docket No. 99-040-1)

Published APHIS Rules & Notices:
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Docket #:  99-040-1
Title:  Viruses, Serums, Toxins, and Analogous Products; Definition of Dog
Docket Type:  PRM
Publication Date:  9/28/99
CFR Part:  9 CFR 101
FR Citation:  64 FR 52247
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Also bookmark the CFR address:

USDA's press-release:

Following the 30 day comment period ending November 29, 1999, the amendment to CFR 9 had gone through an exhaustive review within USDA.

On April 18, 2001 the USDA published a withdrawal of their proposed changes.

Below you can find more information on that withdrawal:

Docket #:  99-040-2
Title:  Viruses, Serums, Toxins, and Analogous Products; Definitions
Docket Type:  Proposed rule; withdrawal
Publication Date:  April 18, 2001
CFR Part:  9 CFR 101
FR Citation:  66 FR 19899
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Many thanks to all member organizations and individuals that contributed to the data collection effort, your work was not in vain.

Regards from the Wolf Dog Coalition.

Take a bite out of rabies!

  Gene Sydnor
  Diana Bendit
  The Wolf Dog Coalition

The Wolf Dog Coalition has focused specifically on working via political means to resolve the vaccine approval issue with USDA. The Coalition is, as the name implies, a vehicle for cooperation between the many organizations that are working towards rabies vaccine approval for wolves and wolf dog crosses. We would like to thank both our individual members and the organizations that are working together to make vaccine approval a reality for wolves and wolf dogs. These organizations include:

    Alabama Wolf Hybrid and Exotic Animal Association
    Aniwaya Wolf Club
    ATSS (American Tundra Shepherd Society)
    Iowolfer Association, Inc.
    NADA (Native Amerindian Dog Association)
    NAIA (National Animal Interest Alliance)
    PAWW (Protective Association for the Wolf-Wolfdog)
    RAFT (Rabies-Vaccine Approval Finding Team)
    The Wolf Dunn
    United States American Wolfdog Association
    Virginia Citizens for Common Sense Animal Laws.

Thank you !

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