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Wolf Dog Coalition - Federal Cover Letter

October 25, 1996

Dear Sir:

We attended a USDA meeting in April for informational purposes on the approvalof thecurrent canine rabies vaccines for wolves and wolf dogs. Upon the conclusion ofthemeeting it seemed certain to everyone in attendance, including the stateveterinarian ofAlabama, that the USDA would grant approval. This was strongly believed becausetheconsensus of all of the invited scientists was that the rabies vaccine would workonwolves and wolf dogs as well as it does on other canines.

As you can imagine, we were extremely disappointed to receive a letter in Julyinformingus the USDA would continue to make no decision on this matter, stating a need for"further study" as they have done for many years. We have assembled pertinentinformation which we hope will convince you to help us resolve this issue.

There are an estimated 300,000 to 2.5 million wolf dogs in the United Statestoday. TheUSDA has consistently ignored scientific evidence that the rabies vaccine iseffectivein these canines and the result may well be a reservoir of unvaccinated dogs thatcouldprove to be a significant public health risk. In addition the lack of approvalsparksattempts to legislate against these canines forcing people to give up belovedpets or tohide them and in many cases fail to vaccinate them against the deadly disease ofrabies.

The following registries and wolf dog protection organizations have come together toask your help:

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any further questions pleasecontact us at [ telephone numbers ].


Questions ? Contact The Wolf Dog Coalition ( psykowuf@erols.com ).

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