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Wolf Dog Coalition - Clarification Letter

The Wolf Dog Coalition is not a lone organization, but a collection of organizations that have come together with a common goal. We have been working on the goal of rabies vaccine approval, without a challenge test for 3 years through our congressman's office. We are NOT a 501(c) 3 organization and we do not, NOT solicit financial donations to support our study. The member organizations of The Wolf Dog Coalition have not given permission for anyone to solicit funds based on the study we have been tasked to undertake and accept no legal liability for such actions.

One of the conditions of the agreement we made with the USDA and the congressional liaison for USDA was that we contact all possible wolf dog organizations that may have an interest in this issue and invite them to participate. The Wildlife Education and Research Foundation was contacted and declined to participate in the study as it was agreed to. WERF has known all the details of the April 1997 meeting with USDA and the agreement that was made at that meeting, as well as further correspondence, the Wolf Dog Coalition contacted Ms. Prendergrast directly on several occasions.

Since April 97 we have been involved in negotiations with the USDA as to the exact details of the studies requirements, developing forms for use in the study and recruiting more volunteers. Our volunteers have come across a great deal of difficulty in collecting data because WERF has previously contacted individuals and organizations and has represented themselves as being tasked by the USDA with this study. In light of the confusion we are encountering we have had discussions with USDA, that agency has clarified that no agreements have been made, nor details confirmed with anyone else. As a result of our last discussion, USDA sent a letter on 2/13/98 and assured us that this letter would be copied to WERF. We hope this helps clarify the confusion that has been brought about by published articles in WHT and the WERF web site.

Why were we concerned? Upon reviewing data that had previously been released to WERF and subsequently submitted to USDA, we came across serious errors, after thorough investigation, that data was corrected by the source. We welcome any data that WERF or any other person or organization can collect for tabulation and verification by our researchers, biologists and veterinarians. Such data will be submitted to USDA / APHIS in an appropriate manner, with complete back up and statistics and only when the study is complete.


  Gene Sydnor
  Diana Bendit
  The Wolf Dog Coalition

For more information, contact The Wolf Dog Coalition ( psykowuf@erols.com ).

Copyright © 1998 Wolf Dog Coalition. All rights reserved. Permission to reprint this letter in its entirety granted.

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